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Bene Vivendo

Hello! Bene Vivendo is a Phoenix-area grower of specialty vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. My growing practices follow organic methods. Fresh hibiscus, edible flowers, fresh flowers and everlasting dried flower wreaths are among my specialties. Thank you for supporting locally grown.

By the way, Bene Vivendo means "The Good Life."

Emily Heller / Founder & Farmer

My Story

I grow my crops in multiple locations in the Phoenix metro area. I created Bene Vivendo in 2018 after studying agriculture at University of Arizona extension programs and introducing my produce to farmers market shoppers. Farming is my third professional career after decades as a journalist and media spokesperson.

I love growing food and flowers that delight and nourish. My specialty is growing varieties that are exceptionally delicious, beautiful and unusual — and that you probably won’t find elsewhere. 

I’ve learned that small-scale farming can produce plenty of high-quality food and flowers. I’m proud to contribute to the local food system and very grateful to the people who value local agriculture and support farms by purchasing what we grow.

Looking forward to meeting you at my booth at Uptown Farmers Market! Please stop by and say hello. 


I farm sustainably, following organic methods. My goal is to produce the healthiest, highest-quality food and flowers. I grow heirloom and other specialty varieties known for flavor and beauty. From fresh hibiscus and edible flowers to everlasting dried flower wreaths, Bene Vivendo offers things that are beautiful and delicious.

beautiful & Delicious

What's in season
Fall 23'/Winter 24'

Here's what's available now + what we are expecting soon. Things can change unexpectedly, so please bear with me if items are limited or unavailable. 

Vegetables & Herbs

  • Chard

  • Summer Squash

  • Peppers

  • Garlic

  • Fresh herbs

  • Eggplant


  • Sugar snap peas

  • Collard greens

  • Radishes

  • Hibiscus/Roselle

  • Edible flowers

  • Fresh bouquets

  • Everlasting dried wreaths

  • dried bouquets



Say Hi to Hibiscus

Bene Vivendo grows Hibiscus for you! Hibiscus sabdariffa is consumed around the world as a delicious drink or flavorful food ingredient. Call it Flor de Jamaica, Roselle, Sorrel, Karkadeh/Carcade, Bissap, Zobo, Sobolo, Gongura – it is delicious in any language.
Here in Arizona’s low desert, harvest usually begins in mid-October and continues until frost or freeze.  That means we can enjoy this delicious superfood through the fall months into the holiday season.
The flavor profile is tangy and fruity, like a mix of pomegranate, cranberry and lemon.
It is equally happy in sweets as it is in savory dishes. Use it in any recipe that calls for fresh or frozen cranberry – or make a simple sugar syrup to drizzle over everything or stir into cocktails. The syrup holds beautifully in the fridge.
When the weather cools down, how about a hot toddy with hibiscus, crystallized ginger, cinnamon stick, citrus and rum or your booze of choice.
Here are some basic recipes to get you started. I’ll have more ideas for you as the season progresses! Happy Hibiscus!


Where to Buy

Uptown Farmers Market

5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85012 

Saturdays 8am - 1pm Oct - Ma

Saturdays 7am - 11am June - July 

Chefs, restaurants, bakeries and other wholesale inquiries, please send me an email




Bene Vivendo loves having volunteers to help with farmwork. Yeah, it’s dirty and sweaty, but a labor of love with kindred spirits. Join me at my Chandler location on Sunday morning November 5. Our fantastic friends at the Arizona Sustainability Alliance are coordinating the volunteer team. Click here to sign up. Thanks!

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Get in Touch

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